Welcome to my lyrics page! This is a list of all the beautiful music I've written lyrics to so far...

Please drop me a line if you'd like to see/use any and I'll be happy to send you them!
(R = Recording available)

All Across The City (Jim Hall) R
My Little Suede Shoes (Parker) R
Eronel (Monk)
Waltz For Ruth (Charlie Haden) R
Ana Maria (Shorter) R
Beauty & The beast (Shorter)
CU CB (Bobby Wellins) R
A Thousand Ships (Julian Nicholas)
One January Morning (J. Nicholas) R
Food Of Love (J. Nicholas)
Lifeboat (J. Nicholas)
Mixed Message (Larry Goldings) R
When It Rains (Brad Mehldau) R
Ode (B. Mehldau) R
Corner Pocket (Zawinal)
Face On The Barroom Floor (Shorter/Zawinal)
Last Train Home (Metheny)
Goodbye (Metheny)
Song For Bilbao (Metheny)
Self Portrait (Mike Manieri)
Rain of Stars (Mark Edwards) R
Baby Elephant (M. Edwards) R
In A Cloud (M. Edwards)
Seven Sisters (M. Edwards/Terry Pack)
Better Times Ahead (Rod Hart) R
Gospel Type Tune (R. Hart) R
Spook's Blues (R. Hart)
Set it Free (Joe Robinson) R
While I'm Waiting (J. Robinson)
Curves (Geoff Gascoyne)
Quiet Days (G. Gascoyne)
New Waltz (G. Gascoyne)
Insomnia (Al Scott) R
There Will be Time (Jack Kendon) R
Lawns (Carla Bley) R
Sing A Song Of Song (Kenny Garrett)
Full House (In Good Company) Wes Montgomery
Four On Six (Stay In The Moment) W. Montgomery
Leila (Heart's Desire) W. Montgomery
Bock To Bock (Back In The Room) Buddy Montgomery R
Gentle Piece (Kenny Wheeler)
Singing' The Changes (Sheila Jordan's solo on Anthropology)
Not Yet (Emil Viclicky)
Porthcawl (E. Viclicky)
Believin' It (Andy Bey's solo) R
Hold That Thought (John Scofield) R
Strange Meeting - adaptation of Wilfred Owen Poem (Bill Frisell)